Chip champions

Tulsa honor academy

January's CHIP Champion: The Tulsa Honor Academy. Tulsa Honor Academy is a charter school working hard to prepare its students to achieve at a high level in college and beyond regardless of their background or income level. This year they were able to expand and open a new high school campus in East Tulsa.

february 2021
Lubell park trails

February's CHIP Champion: Lubell Park Trails. Made possible through a Bike Club collaboration between Tulsa Parks and Tulsa Public schools these trails are made up of over 2 miles of trails for hiking and mountain biking

april 2021
tulsa mobile covid testing


April's CHIP Champion: Tulsa Mobile COVID Testing. They provided on-site COVID testing for those in need, including clients at a a domestic violence shelter, and clients needing hospice care.

may 2021
joyful movement

May's CHIP Champion: Joyful Movement is a ten week challenge to encourage physical activity and movement as a means of improving mental health in among North Tulsa residents.